Achievement = Giving

Our ultimate mission is to help students connect their individual achievements to the joy and importance of giving to others.

Earn2Give (formerly known as Project Gift) is a non-profit, 501c3 organization. In 2021, we updated our name to better reflect our focus on rewarding student achievement and the power of giving.

The countdown to our next event has begun.


Each December, Earn2Give and our team of volunteers come together to celebrate the achievements of over 700 students and to experience the power of giving.

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Since 2009, we have been proud to partner with underserved Atlanta-area elementary schools to implement a unique incentive program that has reached over 5,000 students.

During the course of the 8 to 10-week program, students earn points based on positive, non-academic achievements such as good attendance, good citizenship, perseverance, integrity, dedication, and empathy.

Earn2Give works with the school’s educators and administration to help track the points, and we are there to reward the students at the close of the program. At the beginning of December, we set up a special one-day Holiday Gift Market right in their school.

There, each student is paired with an Earn2Give volunteer who shops with them and helps them choose the right presents for the family members who live in their home: parents, grandparents, and siblings Every single point a student earns is spent on gifts for loved ones, and the excitement and pride they feel is undeniable.

For most of these children this will be the first time they’ve been able to give their family gifts, and the fact that they’ve been earned through their own hard work makes it that much more special. The experience, for them, is part of the reward.

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